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I want you

I’m still here.. thinking of you.. every cell every atom of me want you.. need you.. i can’t imagine to have another man except you.. i just want you.. and i dont want to see you with another girl. I want you for my own.


October, 3 years ago.. i have to picked every pieces of my broken heart when you left me. Then you came back and gave me hope.. i learned to smile, dance, and live with your love for this 2,5 years.

You’ve become my sun, air, and the galaxy where i belong. October this year, i have nothing left.. i can’t breath easily, i’ve lost my orientation.. you left me again.. you said that you give up on me..

Wish.. i wish i can be with you for my entire life.. you said to me, i am your wife gonna be.. oh that was the best word i’ve evet heard..

You know, i love you 3 years ago.. i love you yesterday, i love you now, i love you tommorow.. i love you always sayang.

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